Wednesday Morning Links


Nelson Cruz demonstrates singles power in WBC heroics.

Tanner Scheppers gets a thumbs up from me because he likes dogs. He also has some blandly positive things to say about DFW, boldly staking a claim on the Dallas or Forth Worth question of the "abortions for some, tiny American flags for others" variety.

You would think that there would be more of substance to come out of a twenty minute Jon Daniels session with the media than Tanner Scheppers' opinions about dogs and SoCal, but you'd probably be wrong. Drew Davison and Ron Matejko have writeups. When asked about the center field battle, for instance, Daniels mentions Gentry and Martin, of course, but also Engel Beltre, Julio Borbon (!) and Jim Adduci, all of whom, it must be admitted, are having great springs.

Want recaps of Tuesday's game? Drew Davison sings Kyle McClellan's praises, who gave up no hits in two innings of work, as well as Alexi Ogando's, who had three walks and three strikeouts in four innings. T.R. Sullivan quotes Ogando as saying that he was working on his fastball and slider command, so I guess maybe we'll finally see Ogando's changeup next season. Evan Grant says that Jeff Baker continued his 8 game hit streak, gritting his way to and .800 average over that span. Matejko has his rapid reactions, and actually has an answer to the question "What Does It Mean" besides "Absolutely nothing."

Matt Harrison pitched in the B game Tuesday and had no problems with his toe, putting him on track to start Opening Day.

T.R. Sullivan says that there are a lot of options to stock the bullpen on Opening Day.

Sullivan also has a notes column, discussing Matt Harrison's toe, Elvis returning from the WBC, and Neil Ramirez and Justin Miller being sent to minor league camp and Ben Rowen being invited to big league camp.

Joe Ortiz is getting favorably compared to Eddie Guardado due to his bravado, according to Evan Grant, which means it is only a matter of time before he attains LSB .gif infamy.

Evan Grant discusses the promotions of Ben Rowen and Lisalverto Bonilla. Nate Robertson + Ben Rowen = funky deliveries are the new market inefficiency.

Richard Durrett has some thoughts on (sigh) C.J. Wilson, Josh Hamilton, and C.J. Wilson's thoughts on the Josh Hamilton / "DFW is a football town" thing.

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