Silence for Josh

As most of you know, Josh Hamilton is no longer a Texas Ranger. I understand that he broke the hearts of many; some people are still trying to get over the damage he has caused. Suzy (my neighbor) is still trying to recover from the incident. She’s 75-years-old and has been a ranger fan since 2010, which is three years too many if you ask her. "I just don’t understand this game, orange." she tells me as I watch my dog take a shit on her lawn. I try to explain to her that baseball is not only a game but it’s also a business, however, she doesn’t want to listen.

"I’ll be back later to pick up the present my dog left on your lawn." I always tell her. I never actually pick it up, though.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that we should respect Josh Hamilton for his decision. Just think of how many great moments he has given us Ranger fans. We can’t just forget about all of it! Who else could make Josh Lewin scream, "BALLGAME!!!!!!!!!" like a little girl? No one. Josh Hamilton had/has something special, something that only God can explain. Unfortunately, God never does come out and explain anything he says or does, but we just have to trust him. We have to trust him like we trust Josh Hamilton. We have to have faith that they always make the right decision.

Josh Hamilton made the decision to join our rivals, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. That might anger some of you, but it was the right decision! It was the right decision for Hamilton, Texas, Los Angeles, Inglewood, America and every single baseball fan out there. How do I know it was? Because Hamilton made the decision and I respect Hamilton.

So, when he steps in our batter’s box, don’t boo him! Heck, you shouldn’t even clap for him! Don’t smile, don’t think about smiling, don’t pop a boner, don’t nod approvingly and don’t blow kisses towards him. Just remain seated and take in his greatness. Breathe in the sweet aroma of bread and wine, breathe it all in and be grateful that you get to watch a true angel play in your stadium.

Oh and check out this sweet hat I made for the event!



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