FINAL LSB TG6 Fanpost (with location/food information)



Game Information:

  • April 20, 2013
  • vs Seattle Mariners
  • Game Time: 7:05 PM


  • We will be sitting in Section 206, Rows 8, 9, 10, 11



Imgur gallery with a few other Section 206 pictures (I think i have some from when I sat in either 206 or 207 last year at home, I will add pictures after the fact)


  • We will be having a hybrid food tailgate -- we will be ordering pizza, but there will be a grill for use (assuming we can find someone to bring witts grill -- anyone live in the Grand Prairie/Arlington area that can help here?)

Other items that are needed

  • Canopies
  • Tables
  • Trash Bin + Trash Bags
  • Chairs (if you want to sit)
  • Drinks (alcoholic, non alcoholic, water)

Items people have already agreed to bring:

  • 2 canopies -- Matteo
  • Cups, plastic ware, plates, paper towels -- crazy86er
  • charcoal + grill -- witt_
  • bottled water -- kok

Location Information:
Unlike previous years, we are not having this tailgate on a Rangers owned parking lot. Although you can park at any location you prefer -- we will be holding the tailgate at the following location:
Stadium Parking's Lot #1 805 Stadium Drive Arlington, TX
This location is at the intersection of Stadium Drive and Stadium Oaks Court.
look for the large Galactic sign: Pxukqho_medium


Now for what everyone has been waiting for, the map!


***Link to full sized map picture***

Final reminders:

  • Please rec this fanpost up, and unrec fanpost #4
  • Please sign up for items you are bringing (need help with the list above)
  • If you have any issues and need to contact someone, contact me at the following number:

    nine 0 three . five 6 three . five 4 four 6
  • If you have any questions you would like me to answer before the tailgate and do not want to post in this thread -- email me at: knockoutking dot lsb at gmail dot com


Previous LSB Tailgate #6 Threads:

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