Otis Nixon Messed Up Again

Former MLB outfielder Otis Nixon arrested

Otis Nixon arrested after police find crack pipe in his pocket, drugs in his truck

A traffic stop in suburban Atlanta yielded crack pipes and suspected crack rocks.

He told the sheriff's deputy that the substance officers found in the car was crack cocaine but said the pipes and drugs belonged to his son and that he had been planning to get rid of the pipe.

Officers conducted field sobriety tests and determined Nixon wasn't under the influence of crack cocaine or alcohol.

In 2010, the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a profile on him:

The Nixon of today shows himself as a preacher, a penitent, a pitchman, an author, a fourth-time husband and an Alcoholics Anonymous member with a one-year sobriety chip in his pocket.

[Side bar alert]Humans are not perfect, often times we seek guidance and assistance from peers, family and from God. It is important to remember though, Christians are not perfect either. It is understandable to hold Christians to a higher standard. It is easy to point and call them hypocrites when they falter, but Christians are human too. Hopefully I speak for the majority of Rangers fans when I say that I hope a certain high profile former Ranger can maintain his sobriety and live a happy fulfilled life. Just not succeed for a certain hated rival of the Rangers. [/Side bar alert]

This, of course, is not Otis Nixon's first run in with police.

Nixon played for the Rangers in 1995. Maybe because I was 14, I remembered him as being better than what he was. Texas finshed 3rd in the AL West that season with a record of 74-70. Nixon had a line of .295/.357/.338 playing in centerfied. He also handed in 50 stolen bases (2 short of Bump Wills Rangers record). Over 600 stolen bases in his career! 6 in a single game!

Maybe I remember him being better than what he actually was because that lineup also included Benji Gil, Jeff Frye, Pags and the Doctor of Defense. At that age I looked at the baseball card numbers. Triple Crown categories, Runs, and Stolen Bases. I was like, "Wow! This guy stole 70 bases and wasn't an all star that year!?". He also stood out because I thought he was extremely ugly. Dante Bichette and Randy Johnson ugly. Hey, I was 14 (and in my defense, we had guys a few years ago bagging on how Joaqin Arias looks).

The year or so after that my parents got me a book about the history of the National League (why not the American League, dad?!?) I devoured the book on the Senior Circuit. From the 1870's to Cap Anson, to some goat in Chicago through to Howard Johnson and corked bats, Pete Rose and Barry Bonds being the highest paid player ever. Somewhere in there mentioned Otis Nixon and cocaine.

Turns out, in 1987 Nixon was arrested for cocaine possession and underwent Rehab treatment. Between AAA Buffalo and Cleveland he had 38 stolen bases in 78 games.

In September of 1991, as a Brave, he failed a drug test. He got suspended 60 days and would miss the World Series. The Braves would lose that series in 7 games to the Twins.

He's also famous for robbing Andy Van Slyke of a home run in 1992 (?). A feat which he proudly displays on his ministry website here: The Catch, check it out, it's amazing

As far as I can tell he was out of trouble until February of this year. Otis Nixon accused of prison scam by Atlanta TV news

(Randy)Travis looked into claims that Nixon has tricked people out of as much as $1,000 a pop by promising he could gain early release for their incarcerated relatives and find a place for them to live after prison. Travis even went undercover with a hidden camera — while wearing a Braves cap, no less — to sting Nixon. . . Otis looks pret-ty guilty.

Not THAT Randy Travis. Some reporter named Randy Travis. Looks like, with his history, he may need somebody to foot up to $1000 to get him out of jail early. As far as I can tell, the prison scam accusation were just that. I don't THINK anything was ever charged against him relating to that.

If he ends up being guilty in this case, he deserves the full punishment given to him by the legal system. I hope he gets help, but he certainly deserves whatever is handed him in my opinion.

If there is a silver lining though, he's not known as a former Ranger. He was a journeyman, but I suspect he's mostly remembered as a Brave. The Rangers aren't like the Cowboys. An NFL player could have played 12 years in the league, 2 of them with Dallas. They get busted, the news is "Former Cowboy defensive tackle John Doe..."

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