Thursday Morning Links

Go ahead, Cornelius, you can cry. - Mike McGinnis

Yu Darvish says that pitch counts are for mortals.

The great thing about baseball is that you never have to wait too long to rinse the taste of failure from your mouth.

That was a nice game last night. Jeff Wilson recaps, saying that Derek Holland got a lot of help from the rest of the lineup. T.R. Sullivan says that Holland had a "sharp" outing and that Holland has become the slump buster. Gerry Fraley says that Yu Darvish may one day be the Rangers' ERA champ... but not today. Sahadev Sharma has his rapid reactions, noting that Mitch Moreland wants me to stop calling him mediocre.

Shocker of shockers, our 37 year old catcher is going on the disabled list. Pierzynski is mad at both his traitorous oblique and himself. He was sent for a precautionary MRI and the oblique has been bothering him for a while, so thanks for convincing Washington to start you against his better judgment A.J. Pierzynski hopes to be activated the first day he's eligible, which is May 21, but oblique injuries typically keep players out for 2-4 weeks (that link also includes the somewhat worrying note that Darvish semi-jokingly said he could throw 200 pitches in a game... come on, dude, I've compared you to Parsifal but let's not push our luck).

The blog entries on Foul Territory (the FWST Ranger blog) right now read "Pierzynski Scratched from Lineup," Game Recap, "Pierzynski Not Thinking About Disabled List," Wednesday's lineup, Game Recap, "Pierzynski to 15 Day DL." I count 3 of the 5 stages of grieving there, I think all we're missing is bargaining and anger.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column tells us that Colby Lewis is scheduled to throw around 45 pitches in a rehab start today and that a breast cancer survivor has been named honorary bat girl because of Mother's Day and breast cancer. Because face it, when you think of your mother you think boobs.

Based on this guy's byline picture I imagine that he talks like the social media intern in the Jack in the Box commercial.

Yu Darvish says pitch counts are for mortals.

Sahadev Sharma says that Kyle Lohse was never in serious danger of becoming a Ranger.

If you've ever gone to Wikipedia to look something up and found yourself hours later absorbed in a recursive loop of nested subjects, you know the joy of getting lost in footnotes. ESPN has an in-depth profile of Eric Show, a guy that's mainly notable as a footnote, of sorts, for giving up Pete Rose's record breaking hit. Behind every stat there's a story, I guess, and sometimes it's a tragedy (see also: Ron Williamson).

Finally, here's a history of ballpark nachos courtesy of, which were invented in Texas and are awesome.

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