Cardinal's Fan: Jurickson Profar

This is a thought experiment. I do not think it is likely to come to fruition, but experiments are fun, and we're not GM's here, so we can indulge in these kinds of thought experiments without consequences. This thought experiment concerns the slim possibility of a deal between the Cardinals and Rangers for Jurickson Profar--that does not involve Oscar Taveras. I am curious to hear the opinions of Rangers fans.

The premises:

1) I do not think a Taveras for Profar trade is realistic. This case has been made repeatedly by many people so I will not enumerate too much. Basically, you trade Profar to win now, and you trade him either in a package for a major impact in-his-prime Major League player, or individually for a package of pieces to help you win. If the Cardinals mean to acquire Profar, I think the goal has to be to put Taveras and Profar on the same team as the positional core of the Cardinals going forward.

2) The Ranger's don't have to trade Profar, but they do have to consider it. You have one of the top middle infields in the Major Leagues signed long term, and both Kinsler and Andrus lose value if moved to a different position.

3) I realize that we are not the top fit from the Ranger's perspective. If I were you, I'd be trying to build a package to acquire a Stanton, Price, or Lee. The type of trade that would be made with the Cardinals would be more along the lines of the Wil Myers trade (hopefully a better trade for your sakes though) or the trade that we made a few years ago with Colby Rasmus: Trade a top prospect for a package of pieces, not a one for one trade. I think we potentially have a mix of proven and high prospect pieces to offer such a package, if the Stanton/Price-esque options fall through.

So here's the frame of my question: IF the Stanton/Price type options fall through and the Rangers were still looking to cash Profar in to improve the team, what pieces on the Cardinals could be seen as a fair package, EXCLUDING Taveras? I completely understand if you think Profar is worth Taveras, I just see no way the trigger gets pulled on that type of deal. In my mind, I'm pretty sure the same goes for Shelby Miller (I'm 99% sure with Taveras, and 95% sure with Miller). If a fair trade requires Taveras or Miller, fine, but pragmaticallyI am almost positive the Cardinals will leave the table if that's the case. I also completely understand you choosing to not play ball with the Cardinals at all, and hold on to Profar unless a Stanton/Price level player is the return. But IF--then who?

Below is my Cardinal's side perspective on which pieces are untouchable vs. in play:

Untouchable: Molina, Wainwright, Holiday (no-trade), Beltran (no-trade), Taveras, Shelby Miller, and Allen Craig (the team is very high on him, and I doubt the signed him to a 5 year deal to trade him.)

The pieces in play (n order of most interesting to you, as best as I can guess):

MLB position players: Matt Adams, Matt Carpenter, Jon Jay, David Freese, Pete Kozma.

MLB pitchers: Lance Lynn, Trevor Rosenthal, Joe Kelly,

Position Prospects: Kolten Wong

Pitching Prospects: Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, Tyrell Jenkins, Tyler Lyons, Seth Maness

I think that the most appealing MLB pieces for you are Lance Lynn, if the Cardinals were willing to give him up, Matt Adams, as a now and long term plus DH option, Trevor Rosenthal as high velocity bullpen help. Matt Carpenter, Joe Kelly and Jon Jay are more on the add on piece, deal sweetener level.

Prospect wise, either Michael Wacha or Carlos Martinez would have to be in the conversation. The many other pitching prospects we have would be deal-sweeteners.

Interested to hear what you all hypothetically think.

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