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"Ignition (Remix)" is a song written and produced by American R&B singer R. Kelly from his 2003 album Chocolate Factory. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the 2003 comedy/romance film, Love Don't Cost a Thing. It is viewed as one of his signature songs[by whom?] and has been very popular in the United States, Europe and Oceania.

The song was R. Kelly's second number-one single in the United Kingdom, following "I Believe I Can Fly" in 1997. It was later included on the updated version of Rolling Stone's 500 greatest songs of all time in 2010 at number 494. The song was listed at #19 on Pitchfork Media's top 500 songs of the 2000s.

The song is sometimes called simply "Ignition" colloquially and for marketing purposes, including as the title of one of its releases as a single and on the Billboard charts. While it shares the song title with the original version of "Ignition," the remix version is most commonly referred to in writing to avoid confusion with the original. The two songs share some instrumental elements (guitars and percussion) but are otherwise completely different.Song structure

The original "Ignition" was released first to urban contemporary radio stations although it never officially charted on Billboard in this manner at first. At the end of the song, Kelly gives the listeners "a lil' preview of the remix", which includes only the first verse then fades out. The "remix to Ignition" was released weeks later to urban and top 40 pop stations which gained the most attention. While many stations never played the original but opted for the remix only, others played both "Ignition"(s) merged together at 6 minutes total; it was structured that way on the Chocolate Factory album.

Music video[edit]

The music video was shot in a club where Kelly is seen wearing a Celtics jersey. The club is meant to be the inside of a stretch Club Jeep limousine. He is also seen in a different part of the club wearing a white fur coat. Nick Cannon is also featured in the music video as the DJ. David N. Feldman also makes a cameo as the dancing white hipster.

Chart performance[edit]

"Ignition (Remix)" was a huge success for Kelly. It peaked at #2 for four consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and became his most successful song in the United States in the 2000s. It held the #1 spot in the United Kingdom for four weeks, becoming his second number-one hit there. It also reached #1 in Australia and New Zealand.

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