Tailgate 7: 12 Day Notice


September 28, 2013




705pm (currently)


Tickets are set for Section 329 -- see pictures below:


Just like the spring TG, we are not having this tailgate on a Rangers owned parking lot. Although you can park at any location you prefer -- we will be holding the tailgate at the following location:
Stadium Parking's Lot #1 805 Stadium Drive Arlington, TX
This location is at the intersection of Stadium Drive and Stadium Oaks Court.
look for the large Galactic sign: Pxukqho_medium

Now for what everyone has been waiting for, the map!


Cost and payment:

Tickets are going to cost $21 per ticket -- this should cover the service fees that get tacked on to the tickets; anything over the final cost of the tickets will go towards food, just like always.

so if you are getting tickets please send $21 per ticket to:

john [dot] leftwich [at] gmail [dot] com

include in the information your LSB username and how many tickets you are buying if you end up deciding to get more than you originally requested.

Myself and Darcouth will be cooking briskets ahead of time. He may also do a pork but and I will probably do some kind of homemade sausage. I’d love one more person to volunteer to enter their brisket into a small competition. Heck it more than one wants to enter, please speak up. Along with the brisket for the comp, we will also have 2-3 grills going. Probably one propane and one charcoal. Please bring stuff to eat and cook.

In this post, we need people volunteer to bring tables, canopies and possibly two grills.

The tailgate will be BYOB/Bring Your Own Food (except for the briskets). It worked at TG I, it will work for TG7. I'll man a grill all day if I need to. I'll also donate a bag of charcoal to it.

those who have not paid:
LSU Ranger (1)
kevinkinsler (2)
chrom (1)
GOET (1)
drummermoe (1)
jonas (2)
txranger7 (1)
so close…so profar (2)

paid list:

kok (1)
witt (2)
86er (2)
matteo (1)
mike e (4)
thejeezus (2)
rodney (1)
bradstick (1)
mwgreen12 (2)
e2drummer (1)
gdawg (3)
darcouth (1)
baseball north (1)
tidentexas (1)

Rec it up please.

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