Reasons to Trade Kinsler and Not Profar.

1. Age

• Profar is 20 years old. Profar will not be Ian Kinsler age as of today (Semp 5th) until 2024.

• All of Profar's prime years are to come.

2. Contract

• Sure Rangers have alot of money but we still have a cap and is Kinsler really worth 13mill? His WAR is 3.6..... For every win is worth 3.6 mill. That’s 7th best in the Majors by a 2B.

• Profar is getting paid 500k this year and for the next 2 years (thru 15) then he is eligible for arbitration.

3. Potential

• Kinslers stats are going to start to dwindle, would it surprise me if he had one of thos Mike Young fluke years no but I want a solid contributor in the line up. He isn’t going to have anymore 30/30 or even 25/25 seasons.

• Profar reminds me alittle of Alexi Rameriez in Chicago but his quick swing from the left side reminds me of Jose Reyes. No I'm not saying he is going to steal 40 bases a year but he does have a quick short stroke from the left side.


Kinsler is a average maybe alittle above average defender at 2B. He makes the spectacular play but seems to mess up on routine plays.

Profar, has so much range, his arm stretch is amazing. He makes playing second base look easy. He goes up the middle so quick.

5. Experience/Knowledge

Kinsler is a very smart player, he knows the game inside and out and knows the correct play when it happens.

Profar is a smart player as well but Ian has more baseball knowledge for sure. Alot of that is cause he has been in the league for a while.


Kinsler is one of the leaders if this team. If I had to give my opinion I would say Beltre, Kinsler and Nathan are the leaders of this ball club. They know what it takes to win and have been to the postseason multiple times.

Profar is a shy guy when it comes to people out of the Latin circle of the club house, (Martin, Ogando, Felix, Beltre, etc....) he seems like he could be a leader but doesn't really need to be one on this ball club in the near future.

Final Results:

Profar - 4

Kinsler - 2

I'm not saying that Kinsler is a terrible player cause he is not. He is a top 7 2B in the MLB. He just tends to go into alot of slumps and has a bad tendency to pop-up alot. If I had to suggest a trade I would say

Kinsler to the Tigers

Rangers receive:

Nick Castellanos RF (Tigers #1 prospect) & MLB #11 prospect

Castellanos is a awesome hitter but a below average fielder. He should move to LF and has a suspect arm

Video of Castellanos:

• Drew VerHagen RHP (Tigers #10 prospect)

VerHagen has mechanical issues but the Rangers farm system is very good at helping find the current mechanics.

Video of VerHagen:

Tigers receive:

•Ian Kinsler

This goes into this trade a little bit. I like having a top 7 farm system this way you have multiple ways to make a deal happen in the winter or at the deadline. Here’s a ranking of the Farm Systems in baseball.

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