Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Look! Anthony Andro has legitimate, actual proof that the Rangers played a baseball game yesterday:

Good work by the Texas Rangers in defeating those pesky Texas Rangers 7-4.

I'm going to bury the lede a little to start today's links with this piece from T.R. Sullivan about Colby Lewis taking the mound today for his first competitive action since his hip replacement surgery last August. Good luck, Colby.

Now, the news from yesterday: Richard Durrett writes about the MRI on Matt Harrison's back showing up clean. Harrison will still likely miss Opening Day, but at least he's not broken.

The other big news from yesterday, here from Evan Grant, was that of the Rangers extending Ron Washington's contract through the 2015 season. That's the way lame ducks go, I guess.

Durrett writes whether you like Ron Washington's in-game strategy -- or colorful ideas about sacrifice bunt disagreement sodomy -- or not, he deserved an extension.

Durrett also writes about Prince Fielder and Washington working together to improve Fielder's fielding at first base. The Ron Washington in this article is the Ron Washington that I really like. Coach and fragile superstar whisperer Ron Washington is pretty rad.

Drew Davison has a recap of yesterday's intrasquad game between teams managed by Tim Bogar and Steve Buechele. The stakes were first dibs on getting to relay bunts signs for Ron Washington.

Andro writes that both Yu Darvish and Tommy Hanson were impressive in their first inning of in-game action of 2014.

Davison reports on the updated home plate collision rule adopted by MLB yesterday and offers a reaction to the rule change from new Ranger catcher J.P. Arencibia.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Harrison's clean bill of health, more from yesterday's intrasquad game, and a bunch of other notes.

In this video from the DMN, Grant sat down with Assistant Ranger GM Thad Levine to talk about the troubling first week of camp and how things look going forward.

Lastly, I guess we're still doing that whole "Yee haw! Boots! Cowboy hats! Texas!" thing when advertising the team, eh?

(Can't stay mad at that footage of the Pudge fist-pump, though...)

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