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Kryptodrakon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Temporal range: Late Jurassic, 162.7Ma PreЄ Є O S D C P T J K Pg N
Scientific classificatione
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: †Pterosauria
Clade: †Caelidracones
Suborder: †Pterodactyloidea
Genus: †Kryptodrakon
Andres, Clark & Xu, 2014
Type species
Kryptodrakon progenitor
Andres, Clark & Xu, 2014

Kryptodrakon is an extinct genus of pterodactyloid pterosaur found in MiddleLate Jurassic boundary fossils of China, with an age of approximately 162.7 million years. [1] It is known from a single type species,Kryptodrakon progenitor. As of its classification in 2014, Kryptodrakon was the basalmost and oldest pterodactyloid known.[1][2]


Kryptodrakon has an estimated wingspan of 1.47 metres (4.8 ft). Its fourth metacarpal is relatively slender and elongated, a strong indication it is a pterodactyloid bone.[1] Cladistic analysis suggests thatKryptodrakon is the sister species of all other known Pterodactyloidea and thus the basalmost pterodactyloid known, if Pterodactyloidea was defined sensu Padian 2004 as containing those species possessing a metacarpal with at least 80% of the length of the humerus, homologous to Pterodactylus. The species is about five million years older than the oldest pterodactyloids previously discovered. A supposedly older pteordactyloid, a partial jaw referred to the group Ctenochasmatidae, had been described from the Middle Jurassic of the UK.[3] However, this specimen probably represents a teleosaurid stem-crocodilian instead of a pterosaur.[1]

Kryptodrakon lived in a terrestrial or in-land habitat, far from the coast. Andres et al (2014) saw this as an indication that the Pterodactyloidea had a terrestrial origin. The relatively short wings of Kryptodrakon is compatible with this theory, as long-winged species of modern birds and pterosaurs tend to live at the coast and short-winged species tend to inhabit forests.[1]

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