Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Will this guy ever be an All-Star? - Rich Schultz

The number one source for the team that's apparently worse than the Mets

Good morning.

Adrian Beltre is an All-Star. All is right with the world. Can you believe that this is only the fourth time Adrian Beltre has been selected for an All-Star Game? That's some straight up horse poop.

Of course, Adrian Beltre won't be starting the All-Star Game because American has been tricked by Billy Beane's chocolate sauce amount-flustered daughter into loving his plucky Oakland A's and hasn't bothered to notice that starting AL third baseman Josh Donaldson is among history's worst people. There's Jeffrey Loria, Thomas Edison and Donaldson. That's it. Those are the worst people.

The players know what's up, though. Oh, they know...

Speaking of Beltre, Gil LeBreton writes that while you can have our relievers and our Rios, you can never take our Adrian Beltre!

And speaking of the All-Star Game, Grant writes about Beltre and Yu Darvish making the AL squad as the only Rangers who have lived up to expectations this season.

Jeff Wilson notes that this is a fewest number of Rangers at an All-Star Game since Michael Young was the lone Ranger representative in 2007. But, for a 50 loss team, we can't complain.

T.R. Sullivan recaps loss No. 50 as the Rangers dropped the finale in New York to the Mets 8-4 to finish their seven game road trip 1-6.

Wilson's game story concludes that the Rangers finished a season-burying road trip by tamping on the dirt in a lifeless affair following a rare win.

On the farm, Kate Morrison takes a look at recently promoted Lewis Brinson and a couple of key surprises in the system this season.

Grant has a note on Nick Martinez possibly hitting the DL after hurting himself being disgusted with National League baseball (a.k.a. taking batting practice).

Wilson's notes cover the Rangers using the same lineup for the first time in 20 games yesterday, Miles Mikolas: Round 2, and the Astros coming to town.

In fact, Mike Vernon previews tonight's contest between the Rangers and Astros in Arlington as they jockey for position at the top of the 2015 draft.

Lastly, if you're into discussing All-Star Game snubs (and who isn't!?), David Schoenfield has the article for you. Top snub? Ian "I hope they go 0-162" Kinsler.

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