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Sweet Rangers Wallpaper http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5275/texasrangers2.jpg


Sweet Rangers Wallpaper http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5275/texasrangers2.jpg

ESPN: Jenks fined $750

ESPN says Chicago closer Bobby Jenks has been fined $750 for throwing behind Ian Kinsler. Jenks is making $5.6 million this season.

Monday morning things

Evan Grant has a blog post up this morning touching on the pitching v. fielding argument, and saying that the Rangers need to improve the pitching -- and in particular, start giving up fewer walks...

Season-ending surgery for Kinsler

Ian Kinsler is going to undergo season-ending surgery for his hernia. Nothing more for me to say.  

Wednesday morning stuff

Real solid outing from Brandon McCarthy last night...I missed the first few innings, but from what I saw, he looked like the guy the Rangers thought they were getting when they made that Christmas...

Sunday morning things

Evan Grant's game story talks about the frustrations of the month of August and how they've taken a toll on this team.  In particular, he takes Gerald Laird and Ron Washington to task for arguing...

Saturday stuff

Sigh.  Matt Harrison is frustrating.  And he's going to have to start missing more bats if he is going to stick. Richard Durrett's game story is about Hank Blalock returning to the lineup at first...

Baseball Prospectus: Ultimate Fantasy Draft

29. Ian Kinsler, 2B, Rangers, Age 26 (HM). His profile is starting to look a little bit like vintage Jeff Kent, a fellow late bloomer who had always projected as a decent bat, and then wound up being a borderline great one. In fact, Kinsler is a considerably better athlete than Kent and also plays superior defense. Just keep him away from pick-up trucks. If Ian ends up being a more athletic Jeff Kent, I could not possibly be happier.

Wednesday a.m. stuff

You know, I think I'm about ready for the season to end.  Everybody's hurt, the bullpen is gassed, the rotation is a mess, the team is losing games...I'm ready to be done with 2008 and move on to...

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