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Jason Botts Update


Our old buddy Jason Botts apparently has quite a fanbase over in Japan, with music videos and stadium chants and everything. The linked videos on the page are pretty hilarious. Maybe he and Kam Loe can be buddies over there.


Botts headed to Japan

http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/features/briefingroom?playerId=6355 http://rangersfarmreport.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/06/good_trip_my_friend_bottszilla.html Hadn't seen much on this since zywica...

Thursday a.m. things


Yeah...driving four hours to see the Rangers give up 15 runs kind of sucks. I didn't read the game day threads, so I don't know if people were complaining about not pulling Elizardo when he was...

This sounds ominous


From the Texas Rangers' website: Jason Botts is on his way to Triple-A Oklahoma. He'll join a crowded field of sluggers down there trying to earn playing time and the Rangers' attention. * * * ...

Jason Botts clears waivers


Per the DMN, Jason Botts has cleared waivers. I expected that would happen, and I'm sure Jason is disappointed.  I imagine he'll split time at DH and 1B for the Redhawks now.

Wednesday a.m. things


Another game yesterday ruined by a crappy Jason Jennings outing.  Jennings left with an irritated ulnar nerve, although there's no indication right now as to whether or not he'll miss his next...


Jason Botts making Jon Daniels look like a genius

Glad to see he's starting to produce now that Jon Daniels is calling the shots on who should be getting playing time. Another day, another 0 for 4 with multiple strikeouts. 4 hits, 13 strike outs...

Daniels to Washington: Play Botts


Well, we've speculated that the recent uptick in Jason Botts' playing time has something to do with the closed-door meeting Jon Daniels and Ron Washington had before leaving on the current road...

German Duran, Texas Ranger


Evan Grant reports that German Duran is being called up for tonight's game, and will play third base, with Marlon Byrd going to the d.l. Surprised Byrd is getting d.l.'d, but that might help...

Evan Grant on stuff


Evan Grant also has a lot of bloggy notes up on last night's game, and the general Rangers situation right now... He has some Jason Botts love and says that Wes Littleton's job in the bullpen is...

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