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Who's Running this Show?

Anyone can put 9 guys around the diamond and, with the talent Jon Daniels funnels into this franchise, win a lot of games - on sheer talent. JD himself could have won 93 games managing this group! ...

2010 Gibby Award Winners


List of 2010 Gibby Award Winners. Hamilton and Andrus are 2 winners. Jon Daniels was 2nd place in executive of the year. Feliz was 2nd place for rookie. Colby Lewis was 4th place post season player. Feliz was 2nd place Closer. Hamilton had the 2nd best play. CLIFF LEE! had the 5th best post season moment.

Crasnick: Jon Daniels quietly fueled Rangers' rise


Pretty good writeup on our great GM. Nice to see some recognition, even if it does come at the expense of a Mets reference

Rangers Outlook From A Dodger Fan


Hey guys, I am a huge fan of the blog. My name is Brendan and I write for the Dodger blog True Blue LA at SBNation. Inspired by a post at the Newberg Report, I wrote this article showing how the Rangers have turned the franchise around and how it compares with the Dodgers. I really enjoy watching your team and I am a big fan of what Jon Daniels has done the last few years, so I am pretty optimistic. Anyways, let me know what you think and whether I covered the turnaround well or not. We also have a series preview which may be interesting to see the other team's perspective. Good luck this year and keep up the great work, just wait until after this series to keep winning. ;-)

Jon Daniels chat session


Jon Daniels chat session

Chat with JD


Hat tip to beyondtheboxscore.com


Jon Daniels at UNT

Forgive me if this post is a little long-winded.....  I just got back from the event and I have to say I am very pleased.  Jon was very forward, invited all kinds of questions and continued to...


Jon Daniels to Speak at UNT Tomorrow

I'm sure this is meant for students, but I figured I would share anyways.  Not sure if they will be checking IDs or if this is an open event.  All I know is that I will be there. Jon Daniels -...

Wednesday a.m. stuff


I was all prepared to talk about how I had mentally geared up for a 10 game losing streak to end the season, and then the Rangers won last night, and ruminate about Hank Blalock's resurgence... H...

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