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Justin Smoak Condolence Blog


For all those who are not aware, Justin Smoak's father passed away tonight at the age of 54. I created this blog so that all those that wish, could offer their condolences to Justin and his family. I hope that you all let Justin know how much we support him.

Saturday a.m. things


Saturday morning Ranger news

Driveline Mechanics: Justin Smoak (Part One)


Kyle posted the first part of his hitter's analysis of Smoak. I didn't see many LSBers over in the comments section, so I thought I'd post this here in case interested parties missed it. Also worth noting that Kyle and another poster (Teacherman) get into a long discussion on perceived flaws in Smoak's swing.


Justin Smoak Profile (part 1) from Driveline Mechanics

Mark Teixeria who? http://www.drivelinemechanics.com/2008/12/23/700862/hitter-profile-justin-smoa  t t t t t t t  t tt t  t t t t t t  tt t  t t t tt t t t  t tt t  t t t t tt t t t tt t t t t t...

Jeff Wilson with more Instructs notes


Jeff Wilson has some more notes up from Instructs, including some comments about Justin Smoak and Neftali Feliz, who appear to be announcing their presence with authority. The Rangers beat the...


Minors 8-18: Special "The Smoak Has Landed" Edition

According to Richard Durrett over at the DMN blog it's semi-official that we're gonna get to see (or, for most of us, read about) our newest sexy 1b prospect play and hit 5th tonight: Marcus...

Sunday a.m. stuff


The Rangers needed that start from Matt Harrison yesterday.  Hell, I think we, as fans, needed it. 17 straight outs to end his outing, no walks, and only three hits in eight innings (two of them...

Smoak signs


Per Mayo, Smoak has signed.  Details as they come available. Per Sullivan, it is NOT a major league deal. UPDATE -- BA says $3.5 million for Smoak. UPDATE 2 -- Keith Law provides a round-up. ...

Smoak deal close?


A deal with Justin Smoak is supposedly close, coming in at $3 million with a major league deal... UPDATE -- Jim Callis says Alonso has signed with the Reds, which should, one would think, pave the...

On Smoak and a major league deal


Several folks, the past several days, have asked if Justin Smoak getting a major league deal would start his free agency/arbitration clock sooner. The answer is, no. It would mean that the player...

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