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Nolan Ryan talks snow monkeys

Nolan Ryan talks snow monkeys

Sunday a.m. things

Some Rangers stuff this morning... Evan Grant has a piece up, that is probably the most detailed explanation of the program Nolan Ryan wants to implement to improve the pitching, and it makes me...

David Pinto on Ryan

In a bit of meta-blogging, I'm linking to this blog post by David Pinto where he links back to my blog post about Ryan this morning... But I think it is noteworthy because of Pinto's comments on...

Thursday morning things

Jeff Wilson has a piece up in the S-T about Nolan Ryan making changes to the way things are done, vis-a-vis the pitchers in the Rangers organization.  The word "coddle" isn't used, although Wilson...

MJH on the Ryan pitching thing

I've had a hard time putting into coherent words my concern about Nolan taking control of the pitching situation with the Rangers, and now I don't think I have to... Over at the DMN blog, Hindman...

Last day of the season stuff

The Rangers will finish up either 79-83 or 80-82 this year.  Either result is better than what I think most folks expected this year.  And it would be nice if the Rangers could sweep Anaheim to...

Saturday morning stuff

So much for the idea that coming home would help the Rangers break out of this funk. Kevin Millwood looked good for three innings, and then started throwing BP.  Richard Durrett says Millwood got...

More Rangers pitching talk

From a notes column from Jim Molony, who is one of the mlb.com writers: Scouts say the problem with the Texas pitching staff stems from the fact that they are rushed to the big leagues, even...

Heyman on Nolan and pitch counts

Jon Heyman's latest notes column has some discussion of Nolan Ryan and his impact on the minor league pitching philosophy of the Rangers: Ryan is said to be taking a very active role in his new...

Nolan Ryan, organizational power, and minor league pitching

So we have the quote out there from Tommy Hunter, talking to Jason Cole, about how Nolan Ryan came in and "laid down the law" in regards to the minor league pitchers being expected to throw more...

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