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BP: Kiss'Em Goodbye -- Texas Rangers

Best-case scenario ZiPS projection: 97-65 A lot went right for the Rangers in 2011, but it's hardly surprising that a lot goes right for a team that gets to the World Series. The 2011 team is nearly the upside for this edition of the Rangers, though it'll be easier to hit these numbers if they can retain Wilson. The Rangers have some good prospects and the ability to replace some pitchers, but Wilson is very hard to replace. Even if they do lose Wilson, the Rangers can make up for at least some of it by squeezing more offense out of first and a relief corps that's more dependable for the season.

Charting Tweets to the New Rangers Video Board


I've been collecting tweets sent to the video board since Opening Day. I've created charts for all of Tweets during the Red Sox series. Seattle series is coming next.

Paul Lebowitz on Wash


lol: "It’s not a remote experience for teams to win without a strong manager; the Rangers could conceivably have won with a mannequin modeling a uniform placed in the corner of the dugout; the Diamondbacks under Bob Brenly won the World Series in 2001 and won 98 games in 2002—Brenly was the equivalent of a laid off crash test dummy, but he knew enough to let the players play and stay out of the way."

Tix for the Rangers potential 2010 Championship Series


Rangers ALCS Ticket Opportunity Register now for your only chance to purchase tickets for potential ALCS games at Rangers Ballpark before they go on sale to the general public. Registration ends at 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, September 27. There will not be a normal presale for this series due to limited ticket availability. You must indicate your interest in purchasing ALCS tickets by registering specifically for the Ticket Opportunity and claiming your chance to be among a limited number of respondents granted an early purchase opportunity....... A random drawing for the opportunity to purchase up tickets to one (1) game of the 2010 American League Championship Series game will be held on or about Tuesday, 09/28/2010. The Rangers will make winners aware of the exact number of tickets the winner has the opportunity to purchase. Each applicant selected will be notified by Thursday, 09/30/2010 via the e-mail address submitted on the registration form. Those applicants whose names are selected shall have an opportunity to purchase ALCS tickets at a date and time to be indicated in the e-mail.

Angles Reach Agreement With Hideki Matsui


It's going to be an interesting year.

Martin Perez #1 and only Ranger on BA's SAL Top 20


Fair or not, there seemed to be only one apt comparison for the SAL's youngest pitcher: Johan Santana. Everything from Perez's frame to his delivery mimic Santana. What's more, both are Venezuelan lefthanders who sit at 92-94 mph and touch 96 with their fastballs "Projection-wise, this kid is special," Hickory manager Hector Ortiz said. "He has the potential to be the next Johan Santana. I'm not saying he is Santana, but it's in his hands. He has all the God-given talent." By improving his changeup to a plus pitch, Perez took another step to support the Santana comparisons. He's confident enough to throw the changeup in any count and utilizes great hand speed to create deception. He also throws a sharp, late-breaking curveball at 75-78 mph. Perez made the most of his 80-pitch limit in each game and earned a callup to Double-A Frisco in mid-August. "There's too much in that left arm for him to not succeed at higher levels," Lakewood manager Dusty Wathan said. "He was pretty good. A lot of times I wished he was pitching for us."

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