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Thad Levine offered Rangers' asst. g.m. job

According to the Rocky Mountain News, Thad Levine, senior director of baseball operations for the Colorado Rockies, has been offered the assistant G.M. job with the Rangers.

I've got very little on him. He was mentioned in Baseball America in 2003 as part of the "next wave" of future g.m. candidates, along with Jon Daniels and A.J. Preller. And I did find this article on Levine.

A couple of interesting points, if this is true. First, despite the suggestions that Daniels would get a veteran front office type to come in as assistant g.m., Levine is relatively young. He's older than Daniels, of course, but he's still in his early 30s, and part of that "new breed" of "numbers crunchers and contract negotiators" that the Fraleys of the world decry.

Secondly, Levine is someone who Daniels apparently knows from his time in Colorado. No apparent ties between Levine and Buck. So if this goes down, it would seem to be a Daniels hire, not a Buck hire, which is a nice sign for those of us who want Daniels to maintain his independence from Buck.