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More Hershiser-to-LA talk

Jon Heyman of New York Newsday with some buzz about Orel Hershiser possibly being the next manager of the Dodgers:

Behind-the-scenes Dodger dealings already are getting interesting and could lead to some headline-grabbing winter moves. One name that might surface is Dodgers icon Orel Hershiser, who could be hired for a prominent role, perhaps even manager. One front-office faction is pushing to hire Hershiser to replace Jim Tracy.

While GM Paul DePodesta probably wouldn't mind Tracy leaving - word is Tracy and DePodesta went most of last winter without talking - DePodesta wouldn't necessarily favor Hershiser, given DePodesta's Moneyball proclivities. DePodesta was the heralded hiring of owner Frank McCourt, but his standing has slipped along with the club's fortunes.

Hershiser, of course, has long been rumored to want to ultimately be a manager or a general manager. And if the Dodgers are serious about pursuing him, it could end up being something that helps motivate the decision for John Hart to move into that consultant's role, so that the Rangers can keep Hershiser in place by putting him at g.m.