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Levine hired, and ticket prices going up

Thad Levine has been hired as the Rangers assistant general manager. I had a write-up on him when his name surfaced, and my feelings haven't changed...he's clearly a Daniels hire, not a Buck hire, which is a good sign, and he sounds a lot like Daniels.

In other news, season ticket prices are going up, according to Jeff Cogen:

"We haven't raised the price in five years and feel we've been very aggressive in giving good benefits to our season-ticket holders," Cogen said. "We feel the increase is necessary to keep pace with the rest of the league and remain competitive. The league is starting to pass us by, and we need to make the adjustment."

I guess back-to-back third place finishes, with payroll being slashed two years in a row, is justification enough for raising ticket prices.

A poster at the Newberg Report had a great line on Cogen's comments about remaining competitive with the rest of the league, saying, "It is too bad they don't feel the same way about the product on the field."

Definitely a line I wish I had thought of...