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Bad umpires in the World Series

Once again, MLB demonstrates an inability to get things right, as it announces that the umpiring crew for the World Series will include two of the worst umpires in baseball, "Cowboy" Joe West and Angel Hernandez. Both of those guys made SI's worst umpire did the infamous Phil Cuzzi.

West will be behind the plate for game 1.

I remember, years ago, reading the head of the umpires' union being quoted as saying that the post-season assignments should not be doled out based on merit, because the umpires are all equally good, and none is any better than the other. I thought that there were steps being taken to start making the post-season assignments merit-based, but I guess that is not the case.

It is disappointing, though, that on the game's biggest stage, the game's biggest umpires aren't working the games. Particularly given how much negative attention has been generated by bad umpiring during these playoffs.