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Hershiser, Fuson and Fraley

As expected, Orel Hershiser has received permission to interview with the Dodgers for their managerial job. He's supposed to interview next week, and speculation has been that, if he got an interview, he'd be the favorite to be hired, due to his popularity among Dodger fans. Also keep in mind, Billy Beane was going to interview Hershiser and has commented publicly on what a strong candidate Hershiser was for the A's job. Beane protege Paul DePodesta is the general manager in L.A., and it wouldn't be surprising if he were getting some feedback from Beane on possible candidates.

Gerry Fraley uses the World Series as a chance to take a few swipes at the Rangers, talking about the "grown up general managers" each team has (an apparent shot at Jon Daniels), and listing Buck Showalter and the Rangers as among the big losers of the matchup.

Finally, with Kevin Towers apparently the top candidate to be named the general manager of the D-Backs, word is that Grady Fuson would be the leading candidate to take over as general manager of the Padres. I like the Padres anyway, and this would be another reason for me to pull for them. Hopefully Fuson gets the job...he deserves a chance, and it would put an end to the "if Fuson is so great, why didn't someone else hire him as g.m." sniping that those of us who are unhappy about the Palace Coup from last summer have heard.