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BA interview with Jon Daniels

BA's Alan Schwarz has an interview up with Jon Daniels...

It is in the pay section, and, based on the 10/25 date of the column, in the latest issue of the magazine, so if you aren't a subscriber, you'll have to pick up a copy of BA at the newsstand to read it.

Some interesting items...Daniels hits again on his theme of having as much information as possible, about wanting the input of the scouts as well as the statistical analysis when making a decision. An interesting response to Schwarz's question about him being lumped in with Epstein and DePodesta...he says that Epstein has a world championship, and DePodesta won a division his first season, while he (Daniels) hasn't won anything yet.

Two questions hit on the issue of the 2006 Rangers...Daniels identifies the bullpen as the biggest priority, along with starting pitching, and he again says that there's "nothing to say" both Soriano and Kinsler can't be with the Rangers for 2006 and beyond, while dismissing the possibility of a Soriano position change.