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Reeves says, let Nolan Ryan buy the Rangers

Jim Reeves offers his suggestion for fixing the Rangers' mess...have Hicks sell the team to Nolan Ryan.

Ryan doesn't have the cash himself, of course, but as Reeves points out, if Ryan wanted to buy the Rangers (or the Astros, for that matter), he'd have no difficulty in lining up investors, allowing him to function as the point man for the group, much like GW did when he "bought" the Rangers.

Reeves hits the nail on the head at the end of his column:

Hicks has lost his fire to win, which was his driving force when he bought the club. Bad contracts with A-Rod and Chan Ho Park and the financial disaster that followed with losing seasons have changed the owner.

Every action, everything we've seen, indicates that the Rangers' goal isn't to win championships; it's simply to be competitive enough to draw enough fans to make money. There's a way to do both, but it's not by treating a top-10 market like it's another Kansas City or Tampa Bay.

The Rangers need a plan to win a championship now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month.

The perfect Texas owner, one of the most competitive pitchers in the history of the game, is looking for a baseball team to buy.

I suggest that the next owner's box he occupies should be the one at the juncture of Randol Mill Road and Nolan Ryan Expressway.

I absolutely agree with that. I think Hicks would be perfectly happy with a team that won 83-85 games a year with a $55 million payroll, and which drew 2.5 million fans a season.