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Verducci rips Garner...

Tom Verducci of SI rips Phil Garner a new one for Garner's comments after the game last night...

The Houston Astros played their first home World Series game in their existence, grinded through the most time-consuming game in World Series history, exhausted their bullpen, tied the game in the eighth inning when they trailed by a run with nobody on base and were down to their final four outs, used everybody on the bench except their backup catcher, and had their starting pitcher for tonight's game throwing hard in the bullpen at a quarter after one in the morning.

And what does their manager, Phil Garner, do in the first moments after the White Sox punched them in the gut by beating them in the 14th inning of Game 3, 7-5?

He rips his team.

Beautiful. Mind you, the guy says nothing to his team after the game. But he does march into the official interview room and drop these bombs for the media:

"Absolute rotten hitting.''

"We might have played 40 innings and it didn't look like we were going to get a runner across the bag.''

"It's embarrassing to play like this in front of our hometown.''

"I'm really ticked off.''

Way to bail on your team, Mr. Manager.

A lot more in that vein from Verducci, who rips Garner in a manner you almost never see from national columnists...