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BoSox angry about leaks to media

BoSox management is apparently "livid" about leaks to the media, specifically regarding Manny Ramirez's trade request:

Red Sox officials are livid over a Boston Globe report that cited a team source saying Manny Ramirez repeated his request for a trade, The Boston Herald reported Sunday.

On Friday, general manager Theo Epstein told the Globe that it was "ridiculous" that details of private conversations were leaked. While not confirming or denying the report in Saturday's Boston Globe, team owner John Henry told the Herald in an e-mail that the source of the leak was not from the Red Sox.

"I echo Theo's remarks [Saturday] that deplore leaks to the media regarding private conversations," Henry wrote. "I was able to ascertain that [Saturday's] story on Manny did not come from the Red Sox."

What? A baseball team unhappy that people within the organization might be leaking private conversations to the press?

A stark contrast between the BoSox organization and the Ranger front office, given that the latter:

  1. reportedly was divulging all sorts of details about the ARod-to-Boston trade talks to the media back in 2003;
  2. seemed to have no problem with the details of Kenny Rogers' conversation with Tom Hicks regarding a contract extension this spring being shared with the media; and
  3. had one of its front office folks tell the press that he believed Rogers was ducking the Angels when he had a broken hand this summer, in order to protect his stats.