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More on the DePodesta firing

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A few tidbits from the blogosphere on the DePodesta fallout...

At DePodesta for President, they are predictibly downcast.

Rob over at Angels and Dodgers blog 6-4-2 is irate, and offers a fiery rebuttal to the Bill Plaschke piece that I linked earlier today...

Peter Gammons says that it is Tommy Lasorda whispering in McCourt's ear, pushing Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine as g.m. and manager, which Michael Ventre says would be a p.r. boon but a baseball bust.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick says that the problem starts at the top, with owner Frank McCourt being too thin-skinned when it comes to media pressure.

Noted DePodesta hata T.J. Simers gives Tommy Lasorda a soapbox, with Lasorda saying that Ken Rosenthal's column stating that Lasorda was backstabbing DePodesta was a "lie," and that he "never said anything bad about Paul DePodesta." Which I have a real hard time believing, but hey...