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More on the Kenny fallout

The S-T with a piece on the Rangers' announcement that they won't be bringing Kenny Rogers back.

Interestingly, the article also says that the Rangers won't be offering Kenny Rogers arbitration.

Stupid decision, if you ask me. By saying now that you won't be offering arbitration, you pretty much guarantee that no one will sign Rogers before the December 7 deadline for offering arbitration, which guarantees that the Rangers won't be getting any draft picks as compensation for Rogers.

Even if the team had made up their mind that they didn't want Rogers back at any price, coming out now and saying that he's gone and won't be offered arbitration seems pointless. If nothing else, stay quiet, see if someone moves on him in November and signs him before the arbitration deadline.

And even if they don't, I don't see the harm in offering Rogers arbitration. He likely would decline, given his desire for a multi-year deal and the toxic relationship between him and the front office.

But even if he accepts, you've got a guy under contract for one year, probably at around $5 million. You can trade him, if you don't want him to stay. Or you can keep him and plug him into the rotation...and given that the Rangers are unlikely to sign any pitcher as good as Rogers this offseason, I don't see why that would be such a bad thing.

Neither, apparently, do some of the Ranger players. Some quotes from the article:

His teammates are not happy Rogers is gone.

"It's a big loss for our team," shortstop Michael Young said. "It was an interesting season as far as off-field stuff, but that doesn't diminish what Kenny did on the field. I would have hoped we could have moved past that stuff. It's definitely not the best news to start the off-season."

Added catcher Rod Barajas: "I'm disappointed that we're losing a great pitcher. He was a guy you turned to when you needed a big win.

"It wasn't a great relationship between him and the Rangers. He did like the fact that he was able to be in Texas and be with his family. He was back and forth. There were times that I was pretty sure that he wanted to stay, and there were times when I was pretty sure that he felt like he needed to move on."

First baseman Mark Teixeira said it was probably time for Rogers to go but emphasized that the Rangers must find another pitcher.

"In light of everything that's happened this year, it's probably better for both parties that they move on. He's been our ace the last two years. We need to replace him with another quality starter. ... Kenny's position is something that we have to replace."