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Sherrington, Teixeira and Young on the g.m. situation

Evan Grant with player reactions to John Hart leaving:

"I've never even talked to him," said Teixeira, with whom the Rangers will investigate a long-term contract this winter. "I can't have much issue with a guy I've never even talked to.

"But I can say this: We haven't won as much as we'd like to in the last few years, so maybe a change was needed."

"I have no thoughts on it," said Young, whom Hart tried to trade following the 2002 season. "I had no relationship with John Hart."

Mark Teixeira had never talked to John Hart? Mike Young had "no relationship" with the guy who was g.m. for four years here?


Meanwhile, Kevin Sherrington hits on the fear that is in the back of all Rangers' fans' minds...

Question: Doesn't a 28-year-old GM make a perfect puppet for Showalter?

"Buck is my manager, and he's a great manager," Hicks said, "but JD is in charge.

"You can only have one leader."

Nice to know who's who, too. The youngest GM in the history of the game says he has developed a strong relationship with Showalter in his rapid rise through the organization's depth chart.

But who's in charge?

"I will certainly involve Buck in the decision-making process," Daniels said, "but ultimately, I'm the one accountable."