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John Hart to Tampa Bay?

Just two days after resigning as general manager of the Rangers -- supposedly completely voluntarily, because he didn't have the passion, wanted to spend time with his family, whatever -- John Hart is now being mentioned as a candidate for a Tampa Bay Devil Ray front office job. said there was "industry speculation" that John Hart, who resigned Tuesday as Rangers general manager, could be a candidate to join the Rays and work with Friedman.

The D-Rays, of course, in the wake of an ownership change that has Stuart Sternberg taking over control of the franchise from the much-reviled Vince Naimoli. The D-Rays have also just fired Chuck LaMar, who was the only g.m. the franchise has ever had.

Gosh...if John Hart is taking over another franchise so soon, does that mean that Tom Hicks lied when he said that Hart wasn't forced out?

Perish the thought...Tom Hicks wouldn't lie about something relating to the Rangers, would he?