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More John Hart stuff

It is weird, getting up in the morning and not having Rangers news to talk about.

I'm planning on doing some sort of year-in-review thing, looking at the players and their performances, but I'm not quite ready yet.

And we're now past the initial buzz of the Jon Daniels hiring...

But thanks to John Hart, there is still something Rangers-related to talk about right now.

The Tampa Tribune makes it sound like Hart is interested in the D-Rays g.m. job:

Hart, who this week moved into an advisory role in Texas after stepping down as Rangers GM, said Thursday night, "If the right thing presented itself, I would have interest."

He stopped short of jumping into the competition to replace LaMar, who was fired Wednesday as Rays' GM. But Hart also made it clear he is intrigued by the possibilities in Tampa Bay, including principal owner Stuart Sternberg's plan for a management structure that calls for heavy involvement by young front office executives Andrew Friedman and Matt Silverman.

"The thing that excites you about Tampa is, they've got good, young players," said Hart, who was born and raised in Tampa and maintains a home in Orlando. "I think it's an appealing situation there, I really do. It reminds me of some of the things we had in Cleveland, with a young team and not a lot of money to spend on payroll."

Rather extensive sharing of thoughts there, to the Tampa paper...for the DMN, Hart offered a no comment.