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Daniels as a Buck Puppet

The ongoing fears/assumptions of Jon Daniels being Buck Showalter's proxy as general manager have been touched on locally, with folks having varying degrees of faith in Daniels' willingness to be his own man.

Nationally, though, there appears to be much skepticism.

Tracy Ringolsby weighs in on the issue:

Texas manager Buck Showalter now has ultimate power. Two years ago, he orchestrated the departure of Grady Fuson, who was hired with the idea he would be groomed to replace general manager John Hart. Word in Texas is Showalter was instrumental in Hart being forced out this week and replaced by Jon Daniels, 28. Showalter actually will have the power and Daniels merely will be in charge of the office details.

Guy Curtright of the Atlanta Constitution-Journal has a similar take, saying that "manager Buck Showalter now has full control" and that "new GM Jon Daniels, 28, figures to be little more than a puppet."