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A flurry of moves around the league

The Rangers aren't the only ones who began clearing out their 40 man roster this week.

Among the more notable players who were dropped from 40 man rosters were Matt LeCroy, Dustan Mohr, Chris Magruder, Ramon Nivar, Ed Rogers, Keith Reed, and Terrance Long. In addition, the Twins declined their 2006 option on Joe Mays, making him a free agent.

LeCroy, Mohr and Long all have enough service time, I believe, to become free agents. LeCroy and Mohr are both guys I'd take a look at, if I'm the Rangers. LeCroy crushes lefthanded pitching and can catch, which makes him a nice bench option as either a platoon DH or a backup catcher.

And Dustan Mohr is a decent outfielder who is a righthanded hitter, making him a possibility to platoon with Dellucci, if the Rangers decide to go that way.

Both are guys I'd keep an eye on, particularly LeCroy.