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And still more Daniels stuff...

Brad Townsend of the DMN with a long feature on Jon Daniels...

Jennifer Floyd of the S-T asks other prominent sports folks in DFW what they were doing when they were 28 years old...

In the Boston Globe, Red Sox assistant g.m. Josh Byrnes, who hired Daniels to be an intern with Colorado in 2001, recalls his impressions of Daniels back then.

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times is dismissive of Daniels, although he seems to be a bit confused about a couple of things:

The resignation of John Hart as Rangers GM on Tuesday is being widely interpreted in Texas as a sign that manager Buck Showalter now has nearly total authority in the organization.

The GM by name is 28-year-old Cornell grad Jon Daniels, who replaces fellow Ivy Leaguer Theo Epstein -- by eight months -- as the youngest GM in baseball history. Though he has been in the organization four years, serving as numbers cruncher and contract negotiator, Daniels has never scouted, nor has he ever spoken with the team's best players, Mark Teixeira and Michael Young.

"I can't have much issue with a guy I've never even talked to," Teixeira told the Dallas Morning News. "But I can say this: We haven't won as much as we'd like to in the last few years, so maybe a change was needed."

Texas pitching coach Orel Hershiser apparently wanted the GM job, and may now be interested in the Dodgers' managerial opening.

The "numbers cruncher and contract negotiator" is almost the exact same description Gerry Fraley used for Daniels.

And the Teixeira comment, from the DMN, was in reference to John Hart, not Jon Daniels, as Stone suggests.

Jon Heyman of New York Newsday offers congratulations to Daniels, saying that he remembers Daniels handing out his business card at the winter meetings in 1999.

Heyman has a couple of other Rangers items in his notes column today, saying that Showalter purposely pulled Teixeira, Young et al in the last game to try to stick it to the Yanks, who needed an Angels loss in order to have home field advantage in the ALDS; mentioning that Scott Boras is seeking a 10 year deal, worth $150 million, for Mark Teixeira this offseason; and saying that there are still those in L.A. pushing for the Dodgers to hire Orel Hershiser as manager.