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Padres targeting Gerald Laird in Eaton talks

According to Evan Grant in the DMN, the Padres are targeting Gerald Laird in a deal with the Rangers involving Adam Eaton. Grant says that the Padres would want another player, as well, and identifies Adrian Gonzalez and Laynce Nix as possibilities.

Not surprising that the Padres would target Laird...Grady Fuson is over there now, and he drafted Laird and swung the trade to bring him to the Rangers. There have been rumblings that Laird being one of "Grady's guys," along with him having Scott Boras as an agent, has been viewed as a strike against him with the Rangers since Fuson was fired, and I've thought for a while that the Padres would end up making a play with him, along with a few other Fuson guys who have seemingly fallen out of favor, such as Drew Meyer and John Hudgins.

Laird plus something for Eaton...bleah. You are getting one year from a pitcher who has been viewed as a potential ace, but who has basically been a below-average starter who can't stay healthy enough to be a true innings-eater. Eaton would get about $5 million in arbitration, then be able to walk after the season.

I don't see how that is a real good deal for the Rangers.