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The daily Alfonso Soriano update

Rounding up the Soriano stuff...

Ken Rosenthal says the Cardinals have talked to Texas about Alfonso Soriano.

Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star lists Soriano as a possible target for the Royals, who are seeking a second baseman. That, however, seems unlikely.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says the Padres aren't interested in Soriano, and instead are trying to work a deal to get Laird, Gonzalez and/or Nix from the Rangers.

The Mets, meanwhile, reportedly had "exploratory discussions" about Soriano on Tuesday.

And finally, per the L.A. Times, Soriano has been "discussed internally" by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and is available.

Not sure why the Dodgers would want him, but if Hart ends up there, it seems more likely that the Rangers could get a deal done to send him there.