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The Friday morning buzz

The New York Post says that the Mets have talked about a three way deal with the Rangers and Tampa. In that scenario, the Mets would get Gerald Laird and Adrian Gonzalez from the Rangers and move them to Tampa as part of a deal for Aubrey Huff and Toby Hall, although there's no indication what the Rangers would be getting.

Meanwhile, San Diego has prioritized finding a catcher, and Grady Fuson (the right hand man for Padre g.m. Kevin Towers) has recommended they try to obtain Gerald Laird.

In the S-T, Kathleen O'Brien says that the Eaton and Soriano rumors have been overblown, and that while a move for either is possible, it is more likely that neither move occurs.

Evan Grant echoes those sentiments, saying that the Rangers don't value Eaton as highly as they value the players the Padres want for Eaton; that the Rangers want Zach Greinke, not Jeremy Affeldt, from the Royals for Kevin Mench; and that they sniffed around on Oliver Perez, but got nowhere.