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On Barajas and the Rule 5 draft

A couple of other notes from O'Brien today...

Daniels says that they've talked about a multi-year deal for Rod Barajas, but that a one-year deal is more likely. That's very good news...the talk of Barajas wanting a multi-year deal combined with Buck's man-crush on him, had me worried that the Rangers would end up making a mistake and giving him a long-term deal this offseason. If they are going to keep him around, the team just needs to do a one year deal, and then non-tender him after the 2006 season.

Also, the finalization of the roster for the Rule 5 draft is apparently imminent, and O'Brien says two to five players are expected to be added. My guess has been that Kinsler, Arias, Littleton, and Meyer will be added, and I'm sticking with that.