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Rangers website Q&A

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The official Rangers website has a mailbag Q&A up...

The most interesting items...

Does Kevin Mench have a future with the Rangers?
-- Melissa C.

To get pitching help, the Rangers will have to give up something of value, and Mench is one of the players other clubs covet.

We'll miss you, Menchie...

And the most disturbing news of the day, on Mark DeRosa's future with the Rangers...

If DeRosa wanted to be cut loose in order to pursue a starting job, the Rangers probably wouldn't stand in his way. But if DeRosa is receptive to another utility infield role with the possibility of getting into the lineup periodically as a right fielder against lefty pitching, it might be a nice fit.

Let me be clear: Mark DeRosa should never, never, NEVER be in right field in anything other than an emergency situation.

If Mark DeRosa is playing regularly in right field against lefthanded pitchers, then either the front office has done a very poor job of putting together the 2006 roster, or else Buck Showalter is even more pigheaded than I've previously thought.