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Four to be added to major league roster

Per T.R. Sullivan, the Rangers are planning on adding Ian Kinsler, Joaquin Arias, Wes Littleton, and Omar Beltre to the 40 man roster today, which would protect them from the Rule 5 draft.

Drew Meyer and Ruddy Yan were the other names being kicked around. I wouldn't be shocked if Meyer were selected, given that he'd probably be a decent utility player in the majors right now, but leaving him off the 40 man roster is an acceptable risk. Yan doesn't warrant a 40 man roster spot, IMO.

If Meyer is, in fact, left exposed, and he isn't selected, I'd expect to see him added to the 25 man (and thus the 40 man) roster at some point during the season.

Littleton was apparently on the bubble, but a strong AFL campaign pushed him over the hump. I expect to see him pitching out of the bullpen at some point in 2006 for the Rangers, and likely shuttling between Oklahoma and Texas for much of the season.

Omar Beltre doesn't make much sense to me. Beltre is 24 years old, and had to pitch in the Dominican Summer League last year because he wasn't allowed a visa to return to the U.S., reportedly because of his participation in a fake-marriage scam. He's pitched well in A-ball, but I can't see a team keeping a guy like Beltre on their roster for the entire 2006 season.