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Hunsicker to join D-Rays

Gerry Hunsicker is reportedly set to join the D-Rays in some capacity in the front office.

The former Astros g.m. had been talked about as a potential general manager for the Phillies, but with Pat Gillick getting that job, he'll apparently join the Tampa front office instead.

The St. Petersburg Times article is not specific about what sort of position he'd be taking, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if he'll be the general manager, or will instead be something like "president of baseball operations," with a g.m. being hired to work under him.

With Hunsicker and Gillick out of the picture, the possibility of Orel Hershiser becoming the new Dodger g.m. seems to increase, particularly since Gillick was someone that Tommy Lasorda had found acceptable. I think at this point, it is pretty much a slam-dunk that Hershiser is joining the Dodgers...the only question is, in what capacity?