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More Soriano stuff

Lost in the Blalock/Beckett buzz is the ongoing Alfonso Soriano "will he stay or will he go" saga...

T.R. Sullivan has this blurb in his notes today:

The Mets are one of the teams with money to spend this winter and could use it trading for Tampa Bay's Aubrey Huff, Detroit catcher Ivan Rodriguez or Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano.

Interest in Soriano is not expected to pick up until Braves free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal indicates where he's going.

Jon Heyman of New York Newsday said the Yankees inquired about getting Soriano to plug into centerfield for 2006, but the Rangers wanted Chien-Mien Wang or Robinson Cano, which ended discussions.

Heyman also says that the Yanks inquired about Johnny Damon, and were informed that the asking price was 7 years, $84 million. Ridiculous.