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Going out on a limb...

I'm going to guess that the Blalock/Beckett deal doesn't get done.

This thing gearing up in the aftermath of Hicks' involvement in the deal leads me to believe that he's been more of the driving force behind this than Daniels has been.

And if Danks is the holdup on this deal, that would lend some credence to that idea.

With reports now indicating that the Rangers are trying to find a third team to get involved, I get the feeling that the wheels are about to come off this deal. This is the type of thing where, if it was going to get done, it would have already gotten done.

And on a side note...if the Marlins are just going to take Blalock and spin him off elsewhere, as has been reported, and if they are willing to do the deal with Hanley Ramirez and Jon Lester from the BoSox, then why can't the Rangers substitute Joaquin Arias for Blalock, and make the deal Arias and Danks for Lowell and Beckett?