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Updating the Beckett/Blalock situation

Where we stand now...

The S-T is also reporting that the Rangers have agreed to give the Marlins their choice of John Danks or Thomas Diamond, along with Hank Blalock, to get the Beckett trade done, and are apparently just waiting for a response.

The Miami Herald is reporting, though, that things may still be up in the air:

But even though interest in the pitcher appeared to gather additional steam on Sunday, sources said the Marlins might wind up holding on to the right-hander.

''Someone would have to knock their socks off,'' said one source with knowledge of negotiations involving Beckett.

The Marlins are using Beckett as a vehicle to unload third baseman Mike Lowell, if not other players with large salaries that the Marlins want to deal.

The Texas Rangers are one club that has agreed to take Lowell in order to obtain Beckett, offering third baseman Hank Blalock and one of two pitching prospects -- either John Danks or Thomas Diamond -- that the Marlins were demanding.

The Rangers made another pitch to the Marlins on Sunday and are now awaiting a response. It is unclear whether they have finally agreed to give up either Danks or Diamond, former first-round draft picks that the Rangers have been reluctant to include in a trade.

Still, ''there's probably better stuff coming [for the Marlins],'' said one league source, adding that at least two teams -- one in the National League and the other in the American -- have indicated they could be willing to give up more than the Rangers.

The Boston Herald, meanwhile, quotes an exec as saying that he expects the Rangers to end up with Beckett.