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Rangers: Out of the Beckett sweepstakes

Per the DMN front page, the Rangers have announced that the Marlins have ruled them out as a trading partner for Josh Beckett.

And if Blalock, Danks, and taking on the contract of Lowell wasn't enough to get the deal done, then Daniels made the right move in pulling out.

Update [2005-11-21 19:44:39 by Adam J. Morris]: -- ESPN says that Boston is getting close, and details at what point Texas walked away:

Before the Rangers were told they were eliminated from the running, Florida asked the Rangers to expand their deal even further, to include hot shortstop prospect Joaquin Arias, along with Blalock and a pitcher. In return, the Rangers would want a second pitcher back -- possibly setup man Guillermo Mota.

The Marlins, if that deal were completed, then would turn around and trade Blalock, who would block Miguel Cabrera's return to third base if Florida kept him. Teams known to be interested in Blalock include the Twins, Phillies and Devil Rays.

Mota is pretty close to valueless right now. He's going to get $3.5-4 million in arbitration for 2006, and hasn't been any good since the Dodgers traded him during the 2004 season. And he's 32 (supposedly), and would be a free agent after 2006. I expect the Marlins to non-tender him, if they can't trade him.

So the Rangers would be dealing Blalock, Arias, and Danks, plus taking on the bad Lowell contract, to get Beckett and a mediocre, expensive reliever.

Update [2005-11-21 20:1:13 by Adam J. Morris]: -- According to ESPN, a deal has been agreed to, and the Marlins will be picking up some of Lowell's salary.