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The DMN on the deal falling through

Evan Grant with the story on the failed deal...

A couple of choice excerpts:

With no other trade prospects on the horizon, the Rangers will turn their attention back to free agency. They are likely to make initial offers to right-handers Matt Morris and Paul Byrd as early as today.

Also, the Rangers are now likely to hold on to Blalock. Daniels said it had never been his intention to trade the third baseman, who turned 25 on Monday.

He emphasized that he never shopped him and that the proposed Marlins deal arose from both teams' mutual needs. Daniels called Blalock on Sunday night to inform him about the trade possibility and again Monday to let him know the deal fell through. Blalock did not immediately return calls Monday.

"This is a deal that would have been difficult to make," Daniels said. "It would have left a scar on the organization. There will be other conversations with Hank, not necessarily about Hank. The business part of baseball, though, says you can never rule anything out."