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Rangers Q&A and Jumanji

A couple of things...

The official Rangers website has their latest "mailbag" Q&A case you want to hear the official Rangers spin on trading Soriano and the future of Laynce Nix...

Also, I got an email update from the DMN yesterday, saying that Evan Grant would be hosting a chat session today at 3 p.m., but I can't find it on the DMN website. If you're interested in posing a question, go to the DMN Rangers page a little before 3, and hopefully they'll have something up.

Finally, the Mariners spent $16.5 million over three years on a Japanese catcher named Jumanji, or Johjima, or something.

I know nothing about him...if you're interested, check out what U.S.S. Mariner and Lookout Landing have to say about him.

I just think the idea of the Mariners having a catcher I can refer to as "Jumanji" is pretty funny.