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Hershiser gets passed over for...Jim Fregosi?

Stories continue to circulate that Jim Fregosi will be the next manager of the Dodgers.

Jim Fregosi? This is the guy who bumped Orel Hershiser and Bobby Valentine off the top of the managerial candidates list in L.A.?

Yeah, Hershiser is green, but he's young, intelligent, very well thought of, has the L.A. ties that will give him more of a honeymoon period with the L.A. press and fans, and has gotten rave reviews as a pitching coach for Texas.

Fregosi? He'll be 64 at the start of next season, and his main claim to fame is that he was traded for Nolan Ryan, and he managed that group of hoodlums in Philly that made the 1993 World Series. He makes Buddy Bell and Gene Lamont seem like inspired, creative managerial choices.

I don't know whether Hershiser will be a good manager some day or not. But I do know that, if he's going to get passed over, it seems bizarre that he'd be passed over for Jim Fregosi.