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This morning's buzz

Both the S-T and the Boston Globe are reporting this morning that the BoSox are interested in Adrian Gonzalez.

Brandon Moss and Kelly Shoppach are the two names being bandied about, but I don't know that either makes a lot of sense for Texas in a straight up swap. Moss is at least a year or two away from being ready for the majors, after posting a 778 OPS last season at AA (albeit at a young age, 22), while Kelly Shoppach is a solid catching prospect, but basically duplicative of what the Rangers already have in Gerald Laird.

Ken Rosenthal has his new notes column up, which includes a mention of how the Padres made a run at Laird this offseason, while Jayson Stark's new column has the Devil Fishes interested in Laird.

And, as has been mentioned, Carlos Delgado is supposedly on his way to the Mets for Mike Jacobs and Yusmeiro Petit. That's roughly the equivalent of the Rangers trading, say, John Danks and Will Smith (if Will Smith could catch a little) for Delgado. More than the Rangers wanted to give up, no doubt.